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Being women

``Si pudieran entender que la magia femenina no es locura ni brujería. Que no somos locas sino cuatro mujeres compartiendo el mismo cuerpo. Sí, somos cuatro y somos una. Que somos cíclicas y no lineales como los hombres. Si pudieran entender que como la luna y sus fases, nosotras también cambiamos 4 veces durante el mes. pudieran entender ...``

— ©Juliaro- Julia Larotonda


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Womb Blessing

Let flourish the connection with your nature, your physical, emotional and energetic body , recognizing and reconnecting with the inner power through this healing technique.

1 Session

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Womb Healing

Permite que florezca la conexión con tu naturaleza, tu cuerpo físico, emocional y energético, reconociendo y reconectando con el poder interior por medio de esta técnica de sanación.

1 Session

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Ritual of Initiation to the Lunar Cycle

Celebrate your first moon with your loved ones and know more about its phases, its power and the importance of the lunar cycle.

1 Session

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Female Awakening

Explore your lunar energy through the Womb Healing and Womb Blessing® techniques that help recognize and reconcile your femininity.

4 Sessions

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Healing your cyclic woman

Deepen your feminine being to know the power of your magic in order to heal and integrate your cyclical woman.

8 Sessions

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Womb Healing and Blessing

A woman who becomes aware of her cycle and the inherent energies of it, also learns to perceive a level of life that goes beyond the visible; maintains an intuitive link with the energies of life, birth and death, and feels the divinity within the earth and of itself.

— Miranda Gray

``If they could understand that female magic is not madness or witchcraft. That we are not crazy but four women sharing the same body. Yes, we are four and we are one. We are cyclical and not linear as men. If they could understand that as moon and its phases, we also change 4 times during the month ... if you could understand ... ``

— ©Juliaro- Julia Larotonda


Frequent Questions

We know that there are some terms that are not familiar to you, that’s why here we tell you what they are about.

About Miranda Gray, Creator of Womb Blessing® and Womb Healing®

She is an English writer and artist. She has been a Reiki Shanihi teacher for more than 15 years. Since then, she has worked on the energetic and creative potential of the menstrual cycle, from which the WorldWide Womb Blessing Atunement was born in 2012, which today has more than 185,000 women in 150 countries around the world. Miranda has written books about the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of menstrual cycles and facilitates workshops around the world.

Through her writings, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women discover their authentic femininity. Their approach to spirituality offers women a life-changing guide to live in harmony with their true nature and allows them to accept and express all aspects of their cyclical energies.

Miranda has become the author of a living spiritual world throughout the world, thus contributing to the awakening of this loving energy in every area of ​​life.

What are the archetypes?

Los arquetipos son modelos de lo humano, patrones de personalidad y realidades psíquicas, representan todos los aspectos y facetas tanto de nuestro mundo interior y simbólico, como de nuestra personalidad.

Cada arquetipo posee unos intereses, necesidades, símbolos, emociones, dificultades o dones propios. Cada uno de ellos porta aspectos luminosos y aspectos no manifiestos. Algunos arquetipos prevalecen  y guían nuestras decisiones, otros han sido poco explorados y moran en nuestro inconsciente.

Why our power lies on the menstrual cycle?

Los ciclos Universales son el ritmo de la vida . Todo en nuestro mundo, en nuestra Galaxia, incluso en nuestro Universo tiene ciclos. Cada uno de ellos es sagrado pues nos permiten morir y renacer, de esta forma con cada ciclo la mujer se renueva, de ahí la importancia de entender cada una de sus fases y arquetipos.

What is the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the moon?

Just as the moon, women have a cycle of about 28 days. Passing through four phases throughout the cycle, menstrual phase (New moon), the pre-ovulatory phase (crescent moon), the ovulatory phase (full moon) and the luteal phase (crescent moon) and with them comes different archetypes through which different behaviors and energies are expressed.

Which are the 4 female archetypal energies?

  1. La virgen o la doncella – Luna Creciente-  fase pre-ovulatoria
  2. La madre – Luna Llena – fase ovulatoria
  3. La hechicera – Luna Menguante –  fase lútea
  4. La bruja – Luna Nueva –  fase menstrual

Who are the Moon Mothers?


Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement

Join us to receive the full moon energy, we will be more than 185,000 women in 150 countries around the world tuned into a single meditation.


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