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Womb Healing

Sananción de Utero Lina González

What is it?

Womb healing offers women who want to focus on healing aspects of the 4 feminine archetypes that are already awakened in a woman’s life, but are depleted or blocked. It also helps to activate and balance the flow of energy between the archetypes, bringing balance to the menstrual cycle and a woman’s life..

  • The pituitary gland, which regulates hormones.

  • The heart empowering love, caring, giving and receiving, generosity and unconditional love.

  • The uterus, our source of energy, connection to the earth, our creativity and sensuality, healing the physical problems and emotional patterns we tend to accumulate in the belly and hips.


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Womb Blessing

Allow the connection with your nature, your physical, emotional and energetic body to flourish, reconnecting your inner power through this healing technique.

1 Session

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Ritual of initiation to the Lunar Cycle

Celebrate your first moon with your loved ones and learn more about its phases, its power and the importance of the lunar cycle..

1 Session

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Female Awakening

Explore your lunar energy through Womb Healing and Blessing® techniques that help you recognize and reconcile your femininity..

4 Sessions

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Healing your cyclic woman

Delve into your feminine self to know the power of your magic in order to heal and integrate your cyclic woman.

8 Sessions

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Womb Blessing and Healing

A woman who becomes aware of her cycle and the energies inherent in it, also learns to perceive a level of life that goes beyond the visible; she maintains an intuitive link with the energies of life, birth and death, and feels the divinity within the earth and within herself.

— Miranda Gray

The center of the Womb is the home of the feminine soul.


Frequently Questions

We know there are some terms you are not familiar with, so here we tell you what each of them means.

About Miranda Gray, creator of womb healing® and Blessing®.

She is an English writer and artist.  She has been a shanihi reiki master for over 15 years. Since then she has focused her work on the energetic and creative potential of the menstrual cycle, from which was born in 2012, the Womb Blessing Attunement now shared by over 110,000 women in 150 countries around the world. Miranda has written books about the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of menstrual cycles and facilitates workshops around the world.

Through her writings, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women discover their authentic femininity. Her grounded approach to spirituality offers women life-changing guidance to live in harmony with their true nature and empowers them to accept and express all aspects of their cyclic energies.

Miranda has become the author of a growing feminine spiritual awakening around the world contributing to the awakening of this loving energy in every area of life.

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are models of the human, personality patterns and psychic realities, representing all aspects and facets of our inner and symbolic world, as well as of our personality.

Each archetype has its own interests, needs, symbols, emotions, difficulties or gifts. Each one of them carries luminous aspects and non-manifest aspects. Some archetypes prevail and guide our decisions, others have been little explored and dwell in our unconscious.

¿Why our power lies in the menstrual cycle?

Universal cycles are the rhythm of life. Everything in our world, in our Galaxy, even in our Universe has cycles. Each one of them is sacred because they allow us to die and be reborn, in this way with each cycle the woman is renewed, hence the importance of understanding each of its phases and archetypes..

¿What is the relationship of the menstrual cycle and the moon??

Like the moon, women have a cycle of about 28 days. They go through 4 phases throughout the cycle, the menstrual phase (new moon), the pre-ovulatory phase (crescent moon), the ovulatory phase (full moon) and the luteal phase (waning moon) and with them comes an archetype through which different behaviors and energies are expressed.

¿ What are the 4 archetypes?

  1. The virgin or the maiden – Crescent Moon – pre-ovulatory phase
  2. The Mother – Full Moon – ovulatory phase
  3. The Sorceress – Waning Moon – luteal phase
  4. The Witch  – New Moon – menstrual phase

¿Who are the Moon Mothers?

A Moon Mother is a woman who has received the calling in her heart to hold the vibration of the Feminine Divine shared during the World Blessing of the Womb. In this way she can personally transmit it to other women to facilitate awakening and deep healing. She does this by offering individual Womb Blessings and by sending energy during the World Blessing of the Womb. She travels a beautiful path offering individual awakening and healing of femininity, as well as awakening and healing of soul groups for women on Earth. Each Blessing is another step towards embodying the purity and grace, love and light, serenity and wisdom of the Feminine Divine, and living the best possible version of our femininity and our lives.

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