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Therapeutic process in which spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience are explored, allowing one to face the shadow aspects of one’s own personality and integrate them, transcending identification with the body and mind.

We know that starting a psychotherapeutic process is often difficult, that is why Atma Vedanā offers you accompaniment and guidance.



Lina María González

  • Psychologist graduated from Universidad de los Andes.

  • Traveler interested in ancestral and alternative medicines.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India (TTC 900HR)

  • Moon Mother (certified by Miranda Gray) with four years of experience guiding women's circles and meditation spaces in several countries.


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 Lina María González Jiménez –


Frequent Questions

We know there are some terms you are not familiar with, so here we tell you what each of them means.

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

It is a therapeutic process in which spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experience are explored that allow one to face the aspects of the shadow in one’s own personality and integrate them, transcend identification with the body and the ego, and connect with the transpersonal realms of one’s own psyche: the Being and the collective unconscious. It is done through the combination of principles and methods of modern psychology with insights from the contemplative traditions of the world, including the disciplines of consciousness and transformation of both the East and the West.

About the Family Tree

Healing our tree means understanding our legacy, shaping our path, finding similarities and understanding the repetitions that occur in order to leave and find our own destiny. Many times we try to ignore or silence what is in our roots and what we do not understand is that only by finding a place for it, giving it a space to express itself, we will be able to heal.

What is holistic being?

The Holistic Being transcends the limits of being as an individual and conceives itself in a deep relationship with its social and natural environment, the holistic being is aware that its existence is all the time in relation to Gaia, and that it has a interdependent relationship with the same and therefore honors, maintains and respects everything that inhabits it.