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Worldwide Womb Blessing

A Worldwide Womb Blessing is a distant transfer of Womb Blessing energy offered five times a year via a meditation practice focused by Miranda Gray. In the Worldwide Womb Blessing women connect together energetically across the world as a group, bringing beautiful healing and awakening to the common patterns shared amongst the group. The Worldwide Womb Blessing also spreads the Womb Blessing energy around the world, with every woman taking part sharing the energy and grounding its vibration into the Earth.


Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement

Join us to receive the energy of the full moon, we are more than 185,000 women in 150 countries around the world tuned into a single meditation.

for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Can I take part in the Blessing if I don’t have a womb?

Yes, this Blessing is for all women. Even if you don’t have a physical uterus, you still have your energetic center, the womb and this center contains your creative energies, your feminine soul energies and your ability to connect through intimacy and emotions.

Can I participate if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Your baby has the option to choose if he or she wants to receive the energy.

What effect can the Blessing have?

When we do any powerful energetic work or healing, we go through a “cleansing” process. That’s where we let go of all the old patterns and energies that we no longer need. Sometimes “cleansing” may take place before the Womb Blessing, preparing us to receive the new energy, or it may occur after the Blessing and it will be the new energy that heals us and makes changes in us. Each one has its own process and not everyone will be aware of going through a “cleaning”. Drink a lot of water the days before, during the day of the blessing and after because the energetic work can have a detoxifying effect on the physical body and the water helps eliminate the toxins.


  • It helps to awaken and heal, aspects related to sexuality and creativity, as well as unspoken or inactive aspects of our feminine energies and of ourselves (our four feminine archetypes).

  • It helps to transform the way we think and feel, awakening a consciousness more focused on the feminine energy.

  • Helps to release the guilt and fear of not fulfilling the expectations that society imposes on the "should be" as women.

  • Strengthens and empowers from awareness in love and not from behaviors based on competitiveness and fear.

  • It helps to recognize, embrace and accept the cyclical nature of the woman and to live in harmony with it.

  • Awakens and strengthens the spiritual connection with Divine Feminine.

Participate in the World Womb Blessing is cured, other women heal and heal the world.


Worldwide Womb Blessing Attunement


Calendar of our meetings

Connect with your sexuality


April 30


Awakening abundance and creativity


August 26


Honoring Our Ancestors


October 24


Celebrating our sisterhood


December 22



What should I bring?

  • For this medidation you will need two bowls or small vessels. You will put water in one, to drink after the blessing, and in the other one a candle. These bowls will symbolize your sacred Grail, your womb, so choose bowls which feel that are special to you.

  • A shawl, choose a color that expresses the phase of your cycle, the phase of your life in which you find yourself, or what the Divine feminine represents for you.

  • Food to share (non-package).

  • Anything you want to put on the altar (tabaco, quartz, images or symbols of feminine and masculine, etc).

  • Skirt or dress honoring the symbol of the feminine.


Times around the world


Frequent Questions

We know that there are some terms that are not familiar to you, that’s why here we tell you what they are about.

About Miranda Gray, Creator of Womb Blessing® and Womb Healing®

She is an English writer and artist. She has been a Reiki Shanihi teacher for more than 15 years. Since then, she has worked on the energetic and creative potential of the menstrual cycle, from which the WorldWide Womb Blessing Atunement was born in 2012, which today has more than 185,000 women in 150 countries around the world. Miranda has written books about the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of menstrual cycles and facilitates workshops around the world.

Through her writings, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women discover their authentic femininity. Their approach to spirituality offers women a life-changing guide to live in harmony with their true nature and allows them to accept and express all aspects of their cyclical energies.

Miranda has become the author of a living spiritual world throughout the world, thus contributing to the awakening of this loving energy in every area of ​​life.

Why our power lies on the menstrual cycle?

Los ciclos Universales son el ritmo de la vida . Todo en nuestro mundo, en nuestra Galaxia, incluso en nuestro Universo tiene ciclos. Cada uno de ellos es sagrado pues nos permiten morir y renacer, de esta forma con cada ciclo la mujer se renueva, de ahí la importancia de entender cada una de sus fases y arquetipos.

Who are the Moon Mothers?

Una Moon Mother es una mujer que ha recibido el llamado en su corazón para sostener la vibración de la Divinidad Femenina compartida durante la Bendición Mundial del Útero. De esta forma puede transmitirla personalmente a otras mujeres para facilitar el despertar y la sanación profunda. Lo hace ofreciendo Bendiciones de Útero individuales y mediante el envío de energía durante la Bendición Mundial del Útero. Recorre un hermoso camino ofreciendo el despertar y la sanación individual de la feminidad, así como el despertar y la sanación de grupos de almas para las mujeres de la Tierra. Cada Bendición es un paso más para incorporar la pureza y la gracia, el amor y la luz, la serenidad y la sabiduría de la Divinidad Femenina, y para vivir la mejor versión posible de nuestra feminidad y nuestra vida.

What are the archetypes?

Los arquetipos son modelos de lo humano, patrones de personalidad y realidades psíquicas, representan todos los aspectos y facetas tanto de nuestro mundo interior y simbólico, como de nuestra personalidad.

Cada arquetipo posee unos intereses, necesidades, símbolos, emociones, dificultades o dones propios. Cada uno de ellos porta aspectos luminosos y aspectos no manifiestos. Algunos arquetipos prevalecen  y guían nuestras decisiones, otros han sido poco explorados y moran en nuestro inconsciente.

What is the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the moon?

Just as the moon, women have a cycle of about 28 days. Passing through four phases throughout the cycle, menstrual phase (New moon), the pre-ovulatory phase (crescent moon), the ovulatory phase (full moon) and the luteal phase (crescent moon) and with them comes different archetypes through which different behaviors and energies are expressed.

What is the difference between a Personal Womb Blessing and a Worldwide Womb Blessing?

The Personal and Worldwide Womb Blessings work in different ways and both are an important part of the path towards healing and awakening our femininity.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is like being in an orchestra, whereas a Personal Womb Blessing is like giving a solo in the spotlight.

In an orchestra you become part of something much bigger than yourself that raises you beyond what you could express on your own. In the Worldwide Womb Blessing women connect together in the same harmonic of transformation which brings beautiful healing and awakening to the patterns shared amongst the group.

Each woman taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing gives as well as receives the energy and the more women who take part in each Blessing the more energy, healing and awakening available to all women around the world.

A personal Womb Blessing is like a solo performance where you stand in the spotlight and develop and express your full range and potential of being. The Blessing focuses on your femininity, healing your individual patterns, and awakening the aspects of yourself that most need to be expressed in your life. It is also like a quiet female oasis in a world barren of female energies. It is a time to breathe deeply, to let go of stress and to relax into the real you and remember the wonderful gifts and joyful beauty of being a woman.

Which are the 4 female archetypal energies?

  1. La virgen o la doncella – Luna Creciente-  fase pre-ovulatoria
  2. La madre – Luna Llena – fase ovulatoria
  3. La hechicera – Luna Menguante –  fase lútea
  4. La bruja – Luna Nueva –  fase menstrual

Is it normal to ``spot`` or to have the menstruation before you were expecting it after having received the Womb Blessing?

Los ciclos Universales son el ritmo de la vida . Todo en nuestro mundo, en nuestra Galaxia, incluso en nuestro Universo tiene ciclos. Cada uno de ellos es sagrado pues nos permiten morir y renacer, de esta forma con cada ciclo la mujer se renueva, de ahí la importancia de entender cada una de sus fases y arquetipos.