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Birth wound

Birth injury refers to an emotional or psychological wound experienced in the first years of life, particularly during early childhood. This wound originates in family experiences and dynamics and can leave a deep mark on the personality and the way a person relates to themselves and others. 

Birth injury: Feeling of being unwelcome.

Enneatype 9’s birth wound may generate a sense of apathy or disinterest in their own needs and desires. They may have difficulty setting personal boundaries and expressing their opinion, as they prioritize keeping the peace and avoiding any type of confrontation.

Shadow (weaknesses)


In imbalance Enneatype 9s are known to avoid conflict and deny their own needs and desires. They may have difficulty making decisions and expressing their opinion, preferring to please others and maintain harmony at the expense of their own authenticity. They may also fall into passivity and procrastination, avoiding facing difficult or challenging situations.

Ego characteristics: Apathetic, Conformist and Indolent.

Idealizes: Peace and tranquility, seeking to avoid any type of confrontation or tension.

Desires: To maintain harmony and balance in their relationships and environment.

Avoids: Conflict and direct confrontation, sacrificing their own needs to avoid discord.

Greatest fear: Feeling disconnected or separated from others and facing conflict or confrontation.

Defense mechanism: Denial and emotional disconnection to avoid feeling tension or discomfort.

Resists: Facing problems or taking a firm stance, seeking to please others and avoid conflict.

Self-image: Peaceful, understanding and conciliatory.

How he manipulates: Using passive resistance, avoiding direct conflict and letting others make decisions for them.

Personality disorder (when very unbalanced): Passive-aggressive.


Light (qualities)


In balance, Enneatype 9s are known to be peaceful, harmonious and compassionate people. They are able to remain calm and serene in difficult situations and can act as effective mediators in conflicts. Instead of avoiding conflict, they learn to deal with it assertively and express their own needs and opinions respectfully. They are able to set healthy boundaries and take care of themselves without neglecting others. 

Essential Characteristics: Harmonious, Assertive, Receptive and Spiritual.

Essential Quality: Their essential quality is the ability to find inner peace and extend it to their environment. They are peaceful, compassionate and friendly people who seek unity and cooperation. They have the ability to find common ground between different perspectives and are good mediators in tense situations.

Life learning: Their life learning lies in learning to connect with their own individuality and to take an active role in their own life. Learning to set healthy boundaries, express their opinion and stand up for their own needs allows them to break out of complacency and find their own sense of identity.

Psychological challenge: How can I be at peace if I assert myself, deal with conflict and set boundaries?

Acceptance and openness: Enneatype 9s in their light structure have an attitude of acceptance towards themselves and others. They are open to different opinions and ways of life, which allows them to maintain an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude.

Active listening and presence: Enneatype 9s in their light structure are excellent listeners and are committed to being present in interactions. They give others their full and genuine attention, which generates a sense of connection and support.



Why know your ego

Knowing the ego allows the Enneatype 9 to identify and question ingrained beliefs and thought patterns that may keep you in a comfort zone or passive posture. You can explore the underlying reasons behind your need to avoid conflict and how this may affect your relationships and your own personal development.

Enneatype 6

Enneatype 3

 Enneatype 9


In the Enneagram, the «triad» refers to one of the fundamental aspects of the enneatype that are classified into three main groups. These clusters represent three centers of intelligence or predominant approaches to processing information and coping with the world. Each of these clusters is associated with three specific personality types.

Emotional triad: Enneatype 9, also known as the Peacemaker or Mediator, belongs to the Feeling or Heart triad. The Feeling triad is characterized by a greater connection with the emotions and is motivated by the need to maintain peace and harmony.

Centering: When the Enneatype 9 is focused, it connects with the positive qualities of Enneatype 3. This involves showing greater energy and motivation to achieve personal goals. They may have greater self-confidence and focus on developing their skills and talents. They may also show greater ambition and success orientation, seeking to realize their potential and make a difference in the world.

Decentering: In their decentering, Enneatype 9 may adopt negative characteristics of Enneotype 6, becoming more anxious and concerned with security and stability. They may show greater resistance to change and have difficulty making firm decisions. They may also become more indecisive and complacent, avoiding conflict at all costs and sacrificing their own needs.

Enneatype 9


Lost message in childhood

The message lost in childhood for the 9s may be «Your needs and desires are important and valid. You have the right to express them and receive support.»


Enneatype 9 belongs to the Instinct or Action triad, along with Enneatypes 8 and 1. The Enneatypes of this triad share a more action and survival oriented focus.


The fixation of Enneatype 9 is indolence. Nines tend to disconnect from their own energy and may have difficulty taking action or fully committing themselves.


The main passion of Enneotype 9 is laziness or inertia. Nines tend to seek comfort and tranquility, sometimes avoiding responsibilities or challenges that can generate stress.

What is your focus?

Nines tend to focus their attention on maintaining peace and harmony in their relationships and environment. They may have a tendency to adapt to others and avoid conflict to avoid discomfort.

Principal motivation

The main motivation of Enneotype 9 is to seek inner peace and avoid any form of conflict or stress. They seek comfort and tranquility, and may sacrifice their own needs to maintain harmony in their relationships.

Unconscious message received in childhood

The unconscious message the 9 may have received in childhood is that their needs and wants are not important or not valid. They may have learned to please others and avoid conflict in order to maintain peace and balance in the home.

enneatype 9


Enneatype 9 may have wings that refer to adjacent numbers on the enneatype circle, i.e., enneatype 8 and enneatype 1. The wings are subtypes that influence the personality and behavior of the main enneatype, in this case, Enneatype 9.

The enneatype 9 wing with tendency to enneatype 8:

may exhibit more action-oriented and forceful traits. Nines with an Eight wing may be more assertive and assertive. They may show a greater willingness to express their wants and needs, and may have a greater ability to deal with conflict and make firm decisions. They have a drive to maintain their own identity and set clear boundaries.

Enneotype 9 wing with tendency to enneotype 1:

may exhibit more perfection and correctness oriented traits. Nines with Wing One may be more disciplined and self-demanding in their quest to maintain peace and balance. They may have a strong sense of ethics and justice, and may be more structured and organized in their approach.


Conscious actions


Understanding your enneatype is vital for your consciousness/spiritual development process, because it allows you to see and recognize what you are doing unconsciously in response to your woundedness. If you have reached this point it is because you want to generate a change and act from your consciousness and not from your ego, in other words from your love and not from your fear. Here are some suggested routes of conscious action for you to begin to generate a change.

Conscious actions are fundamental for the personal growth of Enneatype 9, «The Peacemaker» or «The Mediator». By connecting with their own needs, setting healthy boundaries, and expressing their opinions and desires, Enneatype 9s can break the pattern of complacency and find their own voice in the world. Dealing with conflict constructively and committing to goals and objectives gives them a greater sense of direction and purpose.



Integrar el movimiento:
Practice setting healthy boundaries:

Learn to say «no» when necessary and set clear boundaries in your relationships. Don’t overindulge others at the expense of your own needs.

Develop assertive communication skills:

Express your opinions and feelings clearly and respectfully. Learn to speak directly and openly, avoiding the tendency to avoid conflict or suppress your own voices.

Cultivates decision making:

Face decisions with courage and confidence. Recognize that you have the right and ability to make decisions that are important to you, rather than avoiding or postponing choices.

Find your passion and purpose::

Explore your interests and skills, and find activities that inspire you and give you a sense of purpose. Connect with your true desires and pursue your goals with commitment and determination.


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