“Rapé is a physical and spiritual medicine that we offer you to nourish your process of healing and growth.”

¿What is rapé?

Rapé is a preparation from the leaves of the tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacum) dried, ground and usually flavored and mixed with other medicinal and powerful plants through nasal consumption for therapeutic and ritual purposes.

Like most forms of tobacco consumption, rapé inhalation comes from pre-Columbian America. The indigenous population of Colombia & Brazil were the first known people to use this form of tobacco, which they made through the use of rosewood mortars.


The medicinal and ritual use of Rapé (hapé) has multiple benefits for the physical, mental, energetic, subtle and emotional bodies. 

They have the ability to harmonize  mind, emotions and cleanse the physical body leading to a spiritual connection.


All our mixtures are made from the leaves of the tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacum) dried with ash from the bark of the tree trunk or dehydrated herbs in organic powder and come mainly from the Yanawana, Kachinawa, and Katukina communities


Physically, this anscestral medicine can help with conditions such as rhinitis and sinusitis, generally improve strength and vitality, and purge the body of toxins caused by bad habits.

Mental & Emotional

It can help a person manage thoughts and emotions, helping in the treatment of depression and anxiety among other ailments.

Energetic & Subtle

It protects your energy and cleans lower vibrational energies, spirits and negative energies, among many other specific benefits depending on the type and mixture of the medicine.

Traditional Use

The native ingests before entering the jungle to harmonize with the spirits of the forest and avoid insect bites and animal attacks. Its ritual use places it among one of the most powerful tools since there are multiple varieties according to its origin, mixture and effects.

All our Rapé comes directly from indigenous communities of the Amazon jungle of Colombia and Brazil, it is prepared by the elders with love and sacred intention.

Varieties of Hapé

Depending on the purpose of use, the rapé comes with different intensities.





Rapé cleans, purifies and activates our energetic channels.



I tried Rapé Jurema and the quality and power of this medicine is very good. I highly recommend it

Fabián Molina

Rapé Cacao gave me a quality and very loving experience.


I have tried several types of  Rapé Jabota and this connected me deeply.

Michael Ramta

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