Discover the workshops that we have created to contribute to the expansion of consciousness through the active work of the awakened Spiritual Being.



Conscious love: Recognition, connection and encounter

Loving consciously implies introspection work for each individual. In this workshop you will learn the difference between conscious love and romantic love. And how through the development of the path of consciousness you can understand, recognize and heal in the path of the conscious couple.

Duration: 8 hours

Yoga & Ayurveda: Evolutionary Consciousness

India gives us these two ancient sciences and with them the possibility of understanding our internal contents in a comprehensive way. In this workshop you will learn about the theory of the Pancha mahabhutas, the doshas and the gunas. You will understand your doshic (elemental) composition to know how to function, develop and evolve in a balanced way.

Duration:  6 hours

Sacred Sexuality

Learn to recognize your sexual energetic polarity and from there connect with your power and divinity, and that of the other. This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn about how to use and develop their sexual energy. We explore themes of consciousness, energetic bodies and subtle connection techniques to awaken and mobilize your kundalini energy.

Duration: 6  hours

Heal through the Enneagram

The Enneagram gives us the possibility of recognizing the routes that the ego has to keep us asleep, wrapped in the drama of unconsciousness. In this workshop you will be able to recognize and learn about your eneatype to begin to heal and activate your witness or observer to be able to live in greater presence and consciousness.

Over 15 years of age

Duration: 8 hours

Nature and The Self: Returning to the Essence

The theory of Gaia and the Being make sense when we become aware of the interrelation we have. Returning to the essence means feeling through it (the earth) exploring our senses fully, consciously and presently in order to heal, understand and attend to what this terrestrial plane urgently proposes to us.

Duration: 4 hours

Sacred Feminine: Healing Shakti energy

Modern times have led women to have an overflowing masculine or shiva energy. Making difficult our connection with the subtle, the sweet and the mystical. This workshop proposes the reunion with the mother’s energy, the one that she nurtures, welcomes but also surrenders. You will learn about the feminine archetypes, their qualities and challenges.

Duration: 3 hours


About us

Transform your life through conscious work

Atma Vedanā is a wellness center that was born in Mumbai, India in 2017, when Lina, its founder, was on a spiritual search journey.

Our purpose is to provide well-being and healing in an holistic way, attending to the body, soul and mind.

Our vision is to take our medicine to the world, traveling, accompanying and supporting the process of those who decide to heal and walk consciously.

“The evolutionary path of the Self invites us to constantly work on ourselves, to understand our form, to see and transcend our wounds. In order to reach our most authentic and free version of us”

Lina González, Founder of Atma Vedanā

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