Om Papa Kid

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Supporting the path of Fatherhood. Helps enable patience, empathy and vitality

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Om Papa flower remedy will help you to supporting the path of Fatherhood.


It is recommended to take 4 drops 4 times a day.
They can be taken sublingually or diluted in water

  • Store the bottles tightly closed in a cool place, away from sources of heat (kitchens, radiators, stoves). If you need to store them in the fridge, it is ideal to wrap them in aluminum foil.
  • Move away electronic devices in use or metallic masses that alter the vibrational energy of the flower remedies.
  • It can be placed near quartz crystals, which with their energy help to preserve and enhance the vibrational energy of the essence. It also works well to place them inside the pentagonal dodecahedrons.
  • Properly used, flower essences do not produce side effects or drug interactions since they act at an energetic level, mainly correcting alterations in the emotional field without affecting the benefit that other products generate in the person who receives them.